Brain Trees

The Brain Trees represent the beauty, complexity and activity of the creative mind. They are a metaphor of growth through the unfurling of nature’s evolution of the brain and it’s manifestations.

The keys words : beauty, connectivity, speed, cognition, journey, border crossings, creativity, collective unconscious, intelligence, colour and form.
The materials were  collected from my bin room at work where waste becomes abundance and ends become new beginnings. Left overs can ignite imagination. Boxes, strips of paper, packaging material and tomato tins found new life and expression.
One of the goals in this work is to accomplish artwork made out of simple materials thus the use of a stapler rather than rivets and other “cheap” equipment.

Creativity is elegant without having to be expensive. It’s all about the idea and the ideation.
The Brain Trees want to celebrate all the different thinkers whatever the reasons for their ability to think differently. They are the creative survivors  of our standardized society. Their energy, inspiration and resilience are prize worthy.
The trees are the size of a year 1 child approximately and the heads are one approximately the size of a child the other of an adult.

These quotes are at the heart of the artworks; Creativity concerns what we do with our ability (Perkins,1981). This world is but a canvas to our imagination ( Henry David Thoreau,1849)

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