Head in the Cloud

Head in the cloud Installation

Head in the cloud wants to be a symbolic interpretation of a cloud archive that can be ‘worn’. The action of walking into it and/or lying down to observe the collection of memories invites the viewer to experience time and memories in a playful way.

I wanted to work on the concept of “conserving” memories so worked with materials that are used for such a purpose. Packaging foam is more orientated in conserving for travel purposes as in moving .This material contemplate journeys in this case a journey in time. The idea is to package memories and archive them in the cloud as dreamy, distant memoires. It is by going right into my brain archive that these memories light up, thus the use of lights inside the cloud. The light effect wants to draw attention to bringing memories alight and evocating the moments when memories surface.

At times we really need to walk into our archive to pick a moment in time and then it seems to shine bringing with it a string of other memories just like fireflies light up a dark night.

The small figure inside the cloud is positioned in a thoughtful and dreamy position looking up at distant at time and  faded memories of times past but emotionally alive.

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