Ripples. An Imaginative Journey.

The children are fascinated by colour. It is everywhere in their life.

It is a tool of survival and in our educational learning path it is one of the first steps that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the environment.

The children learn to name colours but the reason why colour exists and how it comes about lies in the world of imagination in the early years.

They are fascinated when colours move and interact with each other. As in a drop of food colouring in a beaker. Observing the movement of the colour drops as they make their way to the bottom of a container seems to grant colour life that ignites narratives as possibilities.

In the Think Tank-HW we experimented with these concepts opening a vaste imaginative secarios drawn with the mind enabling the children’s creative skills to flourish in areas such as language, sound, digital photography and mark making.

The technique of stain painting set off a ripple effect that made its way through the areas of learning and across subjects and key stages.

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