Experimenting with the Boundaries of Imagination. A Journey into the unexpected.

Warren H. 2020. The Boundaries of Imagination.

Boundaries? Imagination?

Where, what, how, when are they set, if set at all?

Do these boundaries stay still or do they fluctuate? Do they set foundations? Are they in construction or are they set in stone? Are they forever or transitory?

What shape are they? Can you imagine them as an image, a drawing, a painting, an equation, a formula, a sentence an impression…

Should boundaries be lines they would be a series of dots joined together that could be like stepping stones and if tightly placed be like an easy walk. Twists and turns could take you to experience the unknown, the undiscovered new and unexpected scenarios. Or are they new? Maybe these have just surfaced and had been lying around for a while.

Where do you stand? Where would you like to be? How would you define them?

Do they move? Do they set you free or confine you?

Welcome to an exciting journey. Like most journeys they start somewhere and move us along, but would this journey take you forward or would you go backwards? Where would it start?

Once upon an impression…or rather once upon a thought that went wandering, wayfaring, rambling, drifting, flying, skipping, swimming, jumping walking and then maybe settling for a while on idea that draws the outline of the begining, the middle or the end of a concept or a theory that sees the light.

Mind Wandering is a gentle but thorough search. It starts caually and without asking permission or so it seems and in a momnet time stops and connections start. A fire dance round a starting point that weaves threads and connects them incessantly until we wake up and find that we have travelling without moving, just changing place but find the place for…the thought, the idea the solution or the question that takes us far and creates joy, contentment and peace at last.

There are many places where this happens but one in particular is a safe haven for Mind Wandering, Cava Usai, Villasimius, Sardinia. When the sun goes down and a cool breeze invites me to join my thoughts the crowds disappear, the sea lulls my thoughts, the clouds help me drift off and the lighthouse invites me to search.

Mind Wandering by the sea where the Boundaries of Imagination fluctuate searching for questions and answers that are inspired by the beauty of nature. Once we take a close look we find patterns and connections.

The boundaries of imagination and mind wandering weave their threads together creating, designing and connecting.

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Fluctuating Boundaries.
What the mind sees.

Shadows cast possible beginnings. Questions put us on the threshold of paths.

Mind Wandering by the sea within the fluctuating boundaries of Imagination observing the beauty of nature and how it inspires questions and finds answers.
The beauty of hidden natural treasures that show off their diversity and collaboration.
Dry and spiky on the outside supple and rich in the inside.
Mind Wandering by the sea where the Boundaries of Imagination fluctuate searching for questions and answers that are inspired by the beauty of nature once we take a close look and find patterns and connectrions.
Stillness is never wasted and movement in where you can’t see it.
Boundaries or horizons?

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