Lost if not shared

At times we get lost in our thoughts, along a difficult path or while finding our bearings. Sometimes or oftentimes we get lost in our feelings when they take over and leave us numb or dumb.

From time to time or maybe many times we are lost in awe and surprise where we might find it effortful to wrap that moment around us to make it last longer. Memories shape us and build our reality through perception.

We might not notice our state of awe, surprise or learning when these happen. And they are lost.

Inspired by a conversation with a colleague/student who is 6yrs old he asked a question and said, “Thanks for showing what I felt.” I asked in a mischievous way, “What if it gets lost?” He answered, “It is in my heart now.”




The power of imagination. #imagination #wonder #mindwandering #inspirededucation #multiperspectives #education
It allows you to see from different perspectives, to reflect, to connect, see through and question.
You may be wrapped in feelings of awe, wonder, apprehension, joy and expectation.
Our minds are great tools….compasses, ploughs,  knives, combs, rolling pins, scalpels, fans, sails….

Lines start stories.

Lines start stories that unfold as you step into experiences.

Visual lines welcome you to join them to start an imaginative journey that might resonate with you.  Like the paintbrush that runs across an empty space of the mind nudged by the uniqueness of the artist.



Snowflakes are unique patterns of nature. No matter how many billions fall, each one is to its own.

We are unique. Just like snowflakes, we all have our very own pattern, fingerprints, and minds.

Think Outside the Box. Reach and Stretch

Our mind wanders, constantly. It never tires of flowing, jumping, somersaulting. At times it walks away, stops and gets stranded. Deep inside in its meanders wonders happens and we are not aware of them. In some cases, we don’t need to the mind is autonomous. When we need to know the circuit of connections make its way to the surface and we light up. Eureka!

In times when life asks questions we need to reach out, stretch and search. We need to think outside the box, our box and look for unfamiliar and apparently strange associations. We need to walk a different way be brave.

This artwork would like to represent this journey. The box is a recycled item, my mind is not newly formed the paper strips are the beginning of pathways that are searching for connections reaching out and stretching looking for the extension the meeting point where new realisations will happen.

The Wandering Mind

Loose strings of creative thought? The mind’s journey in time, space and knowledge.

The mind is always engaged. The mind wanders. The mind is invited to score the sky as we look out the window and goes on marvellous journeys as we catch butterflies.

“Through mind-wandering, we invent tell stories, expand our mental horizons. Mind-wandering underwrites creativity.” (Corballis, M. 2015)

What does the brain do when the mind wanders? Does it wonder? Does it create visions? Does it tie loose ends and open new possibilities? Is it at its most creative?

This short essay wants to investigate the journey the mind takes when being itself, following a natural path and drifting towards currents of thoughts that lead beyond the moment.

“All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” (Tolkien JRR, 1954)

Mind wandering may thread loose strings of creative thought to unsolved problems and unanswered questions. The past, present and the future work along each other creating infinite possibilities and maybe the mind in these moments is at rest, dynamic rest.

Some suggest meditation as a way to settle the mind and find peace at last. But maybe the mind is happiest and fulfilled when travelling in time and space, it is the individual who judges the calm or the storm. The mind is itself. Should it be tamed or listened to?


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