Contrasts. Stretching the Boundaries of Imagination in the pursuit of creativity.

Contrasts help us set boundaries which move as we decide which ones to use. They also help us find a middle or centre in the pursuit of balance.

Contrasts underline the salient characteristics of the items viewed as  each stands out in unique ways. We also make sense and categorize using contrasts that can start by simply identifying know with unknow.  They are often opposites creating clear distinctions. Dichotomies, opposites that define what lies in between.

Contrasts stand out and sound like a rebel yell. They move in distinguished directions and lead us in dynamic movements.

Colour, shape, line, sound, texture contribute create a dictionary of sensitive experiences.

But what lies in between?

Could we refer this to knowledge?


How do contrasts nourish our creativity and for how long?

Are they remembered or forgotten?

How do they change and why?

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