Wandering Minds-The Journey continues.

We never cease to wander through the meanders of our mind.

Our mind wanders and in its travels questions, connects, adjusts, narrates and wonders. We never cease to stop thinking and our thoughts fire and travel constantly. Mostlty they travel along the known path and at times when we decide ti stir it as we have been inspired or knocked out of the path, we update and change. At this point it is difficult to go back. We can look back but what we see will never be the same.


andering Minds Performance – Let your mind wander and let the loose strings of creativity and self knowledge soar.

Di che materia sono fatti i pensieri? Di che materia sono fatti i sogni ad occhi aperti? Camminando lungo un sentiero incastonato nella natura selvaggia, inondato dalla luce vermiglia di un tramonto di fuoco, un groviglio colorato di energia ed elettricità ha preso vita, forma e movimento. Un percorso mistico che ha riempito l’anima e ha riacceso le nostre menti vaganti.

Grazie a Holly Warren per la magnifica esperienza per anima, mente e cuore, che solo ora sono riuscita a tradurre in parole.

Francesca Cardia.

What are thoughts made of? What are daydreams made of? Walking along a path set in the wild bathed in the vermilion light of a fiery sunset, a tangle of energy and electricity has come to life, form and movement. A mystic path that has filled the soul and has rekindled our wandering minds.

Thanks to Holly Warren for the wonderful experience of soul, mind and heart, which only now I have been able to translate into words.

Francesca Cardia.

Thanks Francesca. I am inspired by your words and will work on my next pieces thinking about your experience. Namastè.

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