The Morfology of Ideas

Different Kinds of Ideas.

Each bauble (18, 4 big 4 medium, 8 small) contains the symbol or metaphor of different kinds of ideas. Here they are: scrunched up paper= load of messy ideas, empty one= no idea, ?= looking for ideas, flowers=fancy ideas, glitter= sparkly ideas, jingly bell=it rings a bell idea, small rings=lots of minor ideas, red and green=contrasting ideas, buttons=heavy and buttoned down ideas, spirals=ideas that go round and round, threads= jumbled ideas, confetti=celebrating ideas, zig-zags= ideas that come and go, black circle=block, star=organized ideas, large intertwined circles= interleaving ideas, medium rings=playing with ideas.

The sphere shape comprises the concept of beauty, completeness and cycle. The transparency symbolizes clear vision and shared visibility.

Creativity and neuroscience are taking new and passionate meaning in my work.

This article ignited my research.

Where do Ideas and creativity come from in the brain? By Keith Hillman

Available from  Hillman, K. (2018). WHERE DO IDEAS AND CREATIVITY COME FROM IN THE BRAIN? PART ONE: THE MYSTERY OF CREATIVITY AND DIVINE INTERVENTION. Psychology 24. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Jan. 2018].




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