The Outline of 2020

2020 already has a very clear pattern.

How does the outline of your 2020 look like?What could the outline for this year be? Ups and downs, swirls, jumps, somersaults, skips a succession of movements and pauses? What instrument would you use to design it? Pen, pencil, brush,highlighter, scissors, spade, hands, stick, ribbon, thoughts, wand?

I see it as a reflection, a rhythm, a mirror where novelty and moments of rest thread the year like beads in a necklace. 365 beads and a 1/4 of new beginnings, affirmations, learning curves, delights and rewards ask for reflection and meditation and the thread is the joining force, that which keeps the movement going hopefully right up to 100.


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Follow your Dreams.

A 5 yrs old student after a workshop.

Curiosity will lead you to worlds of wonder but you never know what is round the corner….trust your intuition.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.

Lao Tzu

Create and reflect, share and discuss. Undo what you have done and redo it if neccessary. Learning flows in all directions.

The Think Tank at the St.Louis School Milan.

Let’s build something together.

May amazing experiences unfold as you design your outline.

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