Ring-a-Ring-a-Stone. Art installation at Cava Usai, Sardinia, Italy 2015

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The main intention is to bring attention to the old granite quarry in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy. Once a busy place it engaged many locals in the extraction of granite. In the 1950, the quarry shut down, in time became an abandoned corner of the village, and was forgotten if not by the holidaymakers that use the stones as umbrella stands.

As someone in my audience stated, “it is not just a pile of stones” the quarry has acquired in time, a silent but vibrant dormant energy. The stones seem to symbolize strength, longevity and patience.
Within the theme of “regeneration” I put my focus on the renewed interest that the quarry might have as a place for re-creation and revitalisation through art and how stones have an ancestral belonging to man and a particular importance to villasimius.
At first, I focused on the production of the installation but with time diverted my attention on the quality of “stone”. I chose stills that brought attention to the details of the single pieces and added floral clippings (local, found on site). Towards the end I worked on the impermanency of the installation and how every end is a new beginning.

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