Fluttering Memories

The brain is the human archive. A wonderful mechanism that selects catalogues stores and retrieves experiences as memories. When needed memories are moved, shifted and placed were appropriate. At times, they can jump a line, be overshadowed, drift or are blocked …then there is darkness.

With this video, I would like to draw attention on the beauty and complexity of the brain as our human archive. A perfect mechanism that is self-regulated and installed.

While at a young stage the brain, archive functions to perfection with time and environmental influence this perfect system of cataloguing starts to change and mutate. Loss and deterioration of functions although still scientifically stimulating cause often dramatic changes.

The cloud as an archive space is the most recent invention for storage. Human brain activity is constantly studied in order to copy and reproduce its efficiency. Cloud farms are ugly, monstrous in size and energy consuming computers but the public is invited to envision them as beautiful, ethereal and lightweight natural phenomena.

As fables are, better than reality but are inspired by it the cloud archive recall the beauty of nature.  During memory loss the past can dissolve

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