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  • The Future is Timeless

    The future is…timeless….or…Where is it? Infront,  behind,  underneath or on the side?What shape is it?Does it roll, skip, stumble, run? Does it stand still and watch… We try our best to look for the future… might be where we least look for it.

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  • Can paintings talk…converse with our inner melody?

    Can paintings talk…converse with our inner melody?

    ART speaks to our eyes and our hearts. Colour resonates with our feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Lines, curves, squiggles,drawing and splashes start personal narratives that weave with threads of others as we come into contact with them.

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  • Lost if not shared

    At times we get lost in our thoughts, along a difficult path or while finding our bearings. Sometimes or oftentimes we get lost in our feelings when they take over and leave us numb or dumb. From time to time or maybe many times we are lost in awe and surprise where we might find […]

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  • Multiperspectives


    The power of imagination. #imagination #wonder #mindwandering #inspirededucation #multiperspectives #educationIt allows you to see from different perspectives, to reflect, to connect, see through and question.You may be wrapped in feelings of awe, wonder, apprehension, joy and expectation.Our minds are great tools….compasses, ploughs,  knives, combs, rolling pins, scalpels, fans, sails….

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