2021. The lockdown has opened an introspective open up in a rather unexpected and speedy way. Creativity and imagination have had time to surface and spill over the usual. The beauty of seemingly small aspects have blossomed. Reaching out and reaching within has soothed a curious mind.The lockdown has opened an introspective open up in a rather unexpected and speedy way.


Online learning in the Early Years during Covid-19- Atelierist in the Think Tank(©HollyB.F.Warren,2020)

The need for imagination in challenging times needs attention and reverence.

Petal Compositions

Online learning can become a moment of sharing and discovery.

Every cloud has a silver lining.


Think Outside the Box. Reach and Stretch

Our mind wanders, constantly. It never tires of flowing, jumping, somersaulting. At times it walks away, stops and gets stranded. Deep inside in its meanders wonders happens and we are not aware of them. In some cases, we don’t need to the mind is autonomous. When we need to know the circuit of connections make its way to the surface and we light up. Eureka!

In times when life asks questions we need to reach out, stretch and search. We need to think outside the box, our box and look for unfamiliar and apparently strange associations. We need to walk a different way be brave.

This artwork would like to represent this journey. The box is a recycled item, my mind is not newly formed the paper strips are the beginning of pathways that are searching for connections reaching out and stretching looking for the extension the meeting point where new realisations will happen.