leafy bristles

A little about me.

Joined the world in 21/01/1966

As a child I would spend my time either, outdoors playing all sorts of games, inventing and making things out of simple materials, fantasize about the world and get into trouble. Indoors I spent all my time drawing, painting, cutting and catching butterflies.Art soon became my world and I would dig and delve in imagination and fantasy.In the real world I became a Montessori teacher learnt about art therapy the Steiner way, experienced the Reggio Children approach, became a mother, and enjoyed the beauty of my  Artelier classes,and….. experimented with art, as usual…Now at the grand age of 50 I am getting closer to what I want to be when I am BIG (always was and still am Petite in size.) An Artist.Currently studying Fine Art….seriously!

My life up to now:

Experiences in art include:

  • Art Therapy-Steiner Method, exploring the qualities of colour considering individual temperament and therapeutic influences of the latter on the soul.
  • Archaeological Illustration of finds and architecture. London University.
  • Brera Art College, Milan, Italy
  • Collaboration with Deborah Hirsch on “Baby Isometrics” project
  • Collaboration  with Gabriele Salvatori and  Ron Gilad  on “Kids Designer Homes”
  • Fine Art BA (hon) Fine Art – University of Hertfordshire/Interactive Design Studio, ongoing.
  • Atelierista at St. Louis School, Milan, Italy.
  • Atelierista  at Villasimius , Campus Beach – Save the Turtles Project.
  • Ist Unique First Solo Exhibition.

Influences in my art making are deeply rooted in working closely with two to eleven year old children. Their spontaneous, enthusiastic and experimental attitude are of great inspiration.I use digital photography as a window onto reality and then reinterpret it by editing and adding my own vision of reality through painting. These techniques put together illustrate the coming together of my inner vision and the world around me. They meet in my collage pieces. Colour form and line are my guides; they provide dynamism and engage me in transmitting my view of life: Vibrant, energetic, fast and full of meaning. My tools are my hands and my extension is any instrument that I that will leave a mark.I work on making my subject matter come alive to the eyes of my viewers and engage them in sharing my humoristic attitude toward the environment.At the end of each series produced, I make a video that narrates the chapters that made the pieces come together, a story within a story.

In my artistic wondering, my subjects are mainly nature as in flora and its patterns, portraits, where I capture the humorous side of people’s personality in a game of metaphoric mirrors.  Recently ordinary household objects have captured my attention. I look for the unseen and draw out the life it in. Currently the series Brushes and Bristles prove this point. Dish and paintbrushes came alive with collage (painting and coloured card) and they are set in camouflage settings where reality and imagination come together.

In my current position as atelierista, I work closely with infant and primary school children. Our recent theme was; the brain, seen through their own eyes. The Cogito Ergo Sum Project came alive and comprised the making of sculptures that gave shape to feelings. The installations Anger, Fear, sadness, Disgust and Boredom were created.

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