A Gust of Hope. Cava Usai, Sardinia, Italy



Warren, H. 2016, A Gust of Hope, Aluminium Wire, 52x101cm, Villasimius, Italy.

Gust of Hope’, sculpture is entirely made from aluminum wire.  The word flight is spelt out and the letters are suspended in a frame. Air flowing freely on the sculpture makes the letters asked oscillate in the symbolic movement of flight. The strands of wire recall the length, fragility and interweaving of difficulties and fortunate events that are encountered during migration. The suspended letters want to bring attention to constant movement and change of route that might be encountered. While the frame encloses the sculpture as a symbol of boundary and obstacle.

Wire as a thread of hope. A trail a road weaving new possibilities and new beginnings.

All images © Holly Warren 2016. All Rights Reserved


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