Patterns as frameworks and compositions of possibilities.

Patterns as frameworks and compositions of possibilPatterns as frameworks and compositions of possibilities.Patterns and a Wandering Mind\nPatterns give us a sense of order. They demonstrate continuity and regularity but can also be a stepping stone towards the construction of new possibilities where order can be put aside and continuity means experimentation and discovery.ities.Patterns and a Wandering Mind

Patterns give us a sense of order. They demonstrate continuity and regularity but can also be a stepping stone towards the construction of new possibilities where order can be put aside and continuity means experimentation and discovery.

When I set to work on a pattern my hand accompanies my mind on a wondering journey where the visual art piece and thoughts are at extremes.

Regularity v Apparent Randomness

In time, with time the apparent randomness creates the next pattern of visual ex

perience which reflects thoughts and ideas that where collected and sorted/resorted in my mind.

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How do you experience patterns?

Ripples. An Imaginative Journey.

The children are fascinated by colour. It is everywhere in their life.

It is a tool of survival and in our educational learning path it is one of the first steps that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the environment.

The children learn to name colours but the reason why colour exists and how it comes about lies in the world of imagination in the early years.

They are fascinated when colours move and interact with each other. As in a drop of food colouring in a beaker. Observing the movement of the colour drops as they make their way to the bottom of a container seems to grant colour life that ignites narratives as possibilities.

In the Think Tank-HW we experimented with these concepts opening a vaste imaginative secarios drawn with the mind enabling the children’s creative skills to flourish in areas such as language, sound, digital photography and mark making.

The technique of stain painting set off a ripple effect that made its way through the areas of learning and across subjects and key stages.

Connections as Journeys into the beauty of the Mind’s Activity.

The mind always wanders, connects and creates.

In my own mind wandering I connect with my creativity that flows and experiments.

I just let my hands read free to wander.

We are the connections we make and create.

Head in the Cloud

Head in the cloud Installation

Head in the cloud wants to be a symbolic interpretation of a cloud archive that can be ‘worn’. The action of walking into it and/or lying down to observe the collection of memories invites the viewer to experience time and memories in a playful way.

I wanted to work on the concept of “conserving” memories so worked with materials that are used for such a purpose. Packaging foam is more orientated in conserving for travel purposes as in moving .This material contemplate journeys in this case a journey in time. The idea is to package memories and archive them in the cloud as dreamy, distant memoires. It is by going right into my brain archive that these memories light up, thus the use of lights inside the cloud. The light effect wants to draw attention to bringing memories alight and evocating the moments when memories surface.

At times we really need to walk into our archive to pick a moment in time and then it seems to shine bringing with it a string of other memories just like fireflies light up a dark night.

The small figure inside the cloud is positioned in a thoughtful and dreamy position looking up at distant at time and  faded memories of times past but emotionally alive.

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Floating Neurons at Campulongu, Sardinia, Italy

Creative Artwork on Brain Structure. When an atelierista and her students meet on a common theme. Celebrating creative collaboration.

Villasimius, Sardinia where my family and I spend our summer has an incredible impact on my thought patterns thus on my art. Spending 2 month here and then moving back to the mainland, in a town gives me the possibility of having two very different visions of the installation process of any of my artwork.

Sardinia: wild or just still slightly tamed where the elements, sun, wind, water and earth show their dramatic beauty. Here my artwork mingles with the elements or rather contrasts it as I very often use recycle materials like in my recent artwork. This contrast wants to draw attention on my lifelong interest in nature and the devastating effects of plastic consumerism. This is why I chose to make the meander/brain artwork float in the sea, as if drifting away, a sort of lotus flower that should make one meditate and consider the fragility of the sea and the beauty of thought. I chose the sunset, as it seems to be the time of the day, with dawn, where nature bursts with colour. Either waking up or falling asleep in a quite slumber where only sounds scan be heard and everything imagined. This is how I envisage brain activity…buzzing and in the dark.

The forest location represents the concept of meander. Walking along a path that weaves in, out and round. A primordial scene. The pine needles in their patterns on the ground remind me of the billions of possibilities that synapse have when fired and the tree trunks stand as the pillars of knowledge.

The night version or ‘Firing Neurons’ want to represent the constant activity in the brain. In addition, the ‘Alpha Mode’ the moments when we daydream and we are in our most creative phase. Children are very often in this mode, an instance in time where they are relaxed, creative and completely wrapped in their thoughts. With the projection inside the artwork, I wanted to represent brain activity with light. This has worked out ok but I would like to consider the possibility of projecting the video on a round mirror, for maximum effects.