2022. Learning never stops. Inspiration, creativity, imagination, resilience, passion and joy.

The past is always present and the future is now.

Never have I believed in the above as in 2020 and now in 2022.

Time has and is still wearing new clothes. I have changed them so often this year and ultimately don’t mind it at all or rather my mind has connected with extreme and farfetched sides of my life chapters that like new clothes I appreciate how I look in them. Nevertheless I am still wondering as I reflect how long I will be wearing them till the next change.

The current times have opened an introspective window in a rather unexpected and speedy way. Creativity and imagination have had time to surface and spill over the usual. The beauty of seemingly small aspects have blossomed. Reaching out and reaching within has soothed a curious mind. Lockdowns have allowed introspection. Isolation has challenged us beyond measure. There is no new normal, but a new era where there is the present moment as the past, and a possible future. The future we decide to design. Are we ready for this?

The Sound of Silence. The sound of our tomorrow.

Today,tomorrow or yesterday? Where am I?

Or rather where is time? Does it go round and round or does it move in a line? Time flows and we swim after it. Sometimes we float on it.

What do we mean when we say “can you tell the time?”

Are we standing still or are we moving?

What if everything around us moves and we are standing still.

I can see, smell, touch, hear and taste uncertainty or rather my choice of what, where, why…..

Nature moves in harmony. It takes its time, reflects, evolves, and demonstrates. Its voice is the wind, the rain, the sound of waves and rivers, the explosion of a volcano, if waterfalls and the silence of snow falling…if only we could learn more from it with reverence and awe knowing it has been around longer than we have and has learnt many more lessons than we have.

Maybe the sound of silence means so much more…..

Is human silence the beginning or the end of our journey?

Shhhhh….imagination at work. Silence weaves the melody of your feeling and experiences. Some will never be uttered. Some will find a home.

Curiosity is a mental wanderlust.

Thoughts drop I catch them and wonder. They have travelled far and are still on the move.

Curiosity is a mental wanderlust. It gets you on your feet, then you reach up to your toes stretch to temporarily settle in a meditative phase of connection.

I wonder if? What about? Could it be that? Why? How? Or?

Curiosity can change colour, hue and shade but keeps the contour of questions.

Sardinian Colours. A palette of nuances.

There are places where colour is sometimes hidden in niches or threaded inside nature. Summers could act like winters when nature closes up to defend itself from a partially hostile climate.

A short walk in the Mediterranean Bush or ‘stain’ as it it called in Italian and your senses come alive but you need to have a close look that starts with a sense of awe and respect. Small flowers become bathed in a full range of colours that stand out for being unseen. Sents capture your imagination that seek to find its source. Contemplation means the body is still but the mind wonders and wanders.

Sardinia is such a place. Beautiful at first sight it also deserves to be looked at with curiosity, awe and respect of its small, fragile and at times,unexpected beauties.

Floating Neurons at Campulongu, Sardinia, Italy

Creative Artwork on Brain Structure. When an atelierista and her students meet on a common theme. Celebrating creative collaboration.

Villasimius, Sardinia where my family and I spend our summer has an incredible impact on my thought patterns thus on my art. Spending 2 month here and then moving back to the mainland, in a town gives me the possibility of having two very different visions of the installation process of any of my artwork.

Sardinia: wild or just still slightly tamed where the elements, sun, wind, water and earth show their dramatic beauty. Here my artwork mingles with the elements or rather contrasts it as I very often use recycle materials like in my recent artwork. This contrast wants to draw attention on my lifelong interest in nature and the devastating effects of plastic consumerism. This is why I chose to make the meander/brain artwork float in the sea, as if drifting away, a sort of lotus flower that should make one meditate and consider the fragility of the sea and the beauty of thought. I chose the sunset, as it seems to be the time of the day, with dawn, where nature bursts with colour. Either waking up or falling asleep in a quite slumber where only sounds scan be heard and everything imagined. This is how I envisage brain activity…buzzing and in the dark.

The forest location represents the concept of meander. Walking along a path that weaves in, out and round. A primordial scene. The pine needles in their patterns on the ground remind me of the billions of possibilities that synapse have when fired and the tree trunks stand as the pillars of knowledge.

The night version or ‘Firing Neurons’ want to represent the constant activity in the brain. In addition, the ‘Alpha Mode’ the moments when we daydream and we are in our most creative phase. Children are very often in this mode, an instance in time where they are relaxed, creative and completely wrapped in their thoughts. With the projection inside the artwork, I wanted to represent brain activity with light. This has worked out ok but I would like to consider the possibility of projecting the video on a round mirror, for maximum effects.

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