The Sound of Silence. The sound of our tomorrow.

Today,tomorrow or yesterday? Where am I?

Or rather where is time? Does it go round and round or does it move in a line? Time flows and we swim after it. Sometimes we float on it.

What do we mean when we say “can you tell the time?”

Are we standing still or are we moving?

What if everything around us moves and we are standing still.

I can see, smell, touch, hear and taste uncertainty or rather my choice of what, where, why…..

Nature moves in harmony. It takes its time, reflects, evolves, and demonstrates. Its voice is the wind, the rain, the sound of waves and rivers, the explosion of a volcano, if waterfalls and the silence of snow falling…if only we could learn more from it with reverence and awe knowing it has been around longer than we have and has learnt many more lessons than we have.

Maybe the sound of silence means so much more…..

Is human silence the beginning or the end of our journey?

Shhhhh….imagination at work. Silence weaves the melody of your feeling and experiences. Some will never be uttered. Some will find a home.

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