Online learning in the Early Years during Covid-19- Atelierist in the Think Tank(©HollyB.F.Warren,2020)

The need for imagination in challenging times needs attention and reverence.

Petal Compositions

Online learning can become a moment of sharing and discovery.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Wandering Minds travel along the outline of imagination

Our mind wanders and in its travels questions, connects, adjusts, narrates and wonders. We never cease to stop thinking and our thoughts fire and travel constantly. Mostlty they travel along the known path and at times when we decide ti stir it as we have been inspired or knocked out of the path, we update and change. At this point it is difficult to go back. We can look back but what we see will never be the same.

Mind Wandering in Autumn

A solo – meditative walk in Valcurona Park.

Violent storms created dramatic effects revealing the beauty of the natural elements at work.

The quiet after the storm made my mind buzz and while I was walking and listening to nature’s song this emerged…..

To William and Emily.

I am here to help you find your way as one day you will walk the path we built together.