The power of imagination. #imagination #wonder #mindwandering #inspirededucation #multiperspectives #education
It allows you to see from different perspectives, to reflect, to connect, see through and question.
You may be wrapped in feelings of awe, wonder, apprehension, joy and expectation.
Our minds are great tools….compasses, ploughs,  knives, combs, rolling pins, scalpels, fans, sails….

If paintings could talk what would they say?

Listen with your eyes while you look. Watch with your ears as you listen. Taste as you move into the artwork… Art can resonate, create melodies and ask you to walk into them.

The Vortex would speak about Time. We move in time to a tune, to our pace and to our sense of inner rhythm. When we flow so does time and we are the ones behind the mechanism that moves its hands. How do you experience time ? Could you paint it’s rhythm?

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